Librarygame - your library as a game

Why is Librarygame awesome?

Librarygame creates an engaging, compelling and meaningful library experience for patrons of all ages. It does this while enriching your library with user generated content like reviews and ratings to help patrons choose items they love and discover things they wouldn't otherwise find.

With a minimal investment, a bespoke version of Librarygame enhances the existing interface you already use and helps you market your library service to users who are likely to become more engaged with a little nudge!

Features and benefits

For libraries

  • Consultancy
  • Bespoke software
  • Enhanced discovery layer
  • Analytics for internal use
  • Catalogue enrichment
  • Modern responsive interface
  • Companion Android & iOS App

For players

  • A compelling game interface
  • Levels, badges & challenges
  • Useful item recommendations
  • Better discovery options
  • User curated bookshelves
  • Social features, friendly competition.
  • Personal usage timeline

Social Book Layer

Each book on librarygame has its own social view. This allows people who have borrowed the book in the past to review it or give it a rating. Although this is not a new idea, tying it in with previous borrowing history and profiles, makes the experience more useful.

Social book view

User Bookshelves

User curation and choice is at the heart of Librarygame's discovery layer. One way we do this by giving the users the ability to show off the books that interest them by arranging their own bookshelves.

Bookshelf view

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