Librarygame - your library as a game

How does Librarygame work?

Librarygame is a web application running on a server that is either remote or local to a library management system. Librarygame links into the LMS to collect participating user activity.

When a Librarygame user borrows or returns an item (and other types of activities) the LMS sends this information to Librarygame, where it is processed. No manual input of information is required by the user.

Certain activities will earn users points and occasionally award them achievements and badges. All other activities, such as commenting, rating, sharing, recommending, competing and creating friend lists takes place on the Librarygame app with no required interaction with the LMS.

How does a user play Librarygame?

  1. A user initially registers with Librarygame, links their library card and configures their privacy and publishing settings.

  2. From here they can use the library normally as they would, but their activities are tracked within Librarygame.

  3. When they log in, they see a list of their recent activities in the library (borrowing history, current items out) as well as a social view of what other patrons have chosen to share.

  4. As well as having an enhanced discovery layer, patrons are encouraged to perform actions such as reviewing, rating and commenting. Any significant achievements get shared on social channels.

Integrating Librarygame with your library system

To get Librarygame running in your library we have to integrate it with your systems. This requires a few small custom components sending bits of information about what your Librarygame registered users are getting up to in the library. We don't need vast amounts of information, just a few details such as what book they borrowed and when they returned it.

To make integration with your library as easy as possible we're building an API. We're currently trialing this with a number of academic libraries in the UK. We're also working closely with a number of library system vendors to make integration with your library even simpler.

Here's how you might send a checkout event to Librarygame.


POST data

    "lemontree_user_id": "1328",
    "event_time": "1372712013",
    "item_id": "632064",
    "due_date": "1435783987"

That's it. We now know that user 1328 borrowed item 632064 (item id from your catalogue) and it's due to be returned by Wed, 01 Jul 2015. We'll take care of the rest and determine what score is awarded to this user and whether it should award them an achievement or not.

Want to know more about how Librarygame works?

It's hard to cover all of the details here, but we'll happily send you a bunch of details about the ins and outs of Librarygame's inner workings. Drop us a line if you want to know how we can integrate with your library.

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